Nursing Care – Little Flower Manor

The Nursing department is comprised of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants and ancillary aides. A registered nurse supervisor is available on all shifts. Nursing services provided at Little Flower Manor include, but are not limited to, intravenous therapy, tube feedings, wound care, colostomy care, pain management, medication management, dementia care, surgical site care, injections and oxygen/respiratory treatments. Physicians visit residents but any changes of condition or requests for orders are immediately communicated to the resident’s physician. Whether your loved one is with us for short term rehabilitation or long term care, nursing’s goal is that every resident receives professional and courteous service and is treated with dignity and respect.



Therapy services are provided on site. Our residents benefit from physical, occupational and speech therapy services helping the resident become independent whether short term or long term stay. Our evidence based programs and multi-disciplinary approach allows us to create and implement a plan of care specific to each resident’s needs. Our goal is to provide an exceptional patient care experience that promotes healing and recovery in a caring and compassionate environment.


Social Services

The Social Services department is the bridge between the facility, the family and the resident. We are first and foremost advocates for the residents in our facility, promoting their individuality and safeguarding their rights during their stay.

Placing a loved one in a facility is many times difficult for both the resident and the family. Social Services staff is available for support and reassurance during this stressful time. Staff is available to hear any concerns, answer any questions or provide any assistance necessary. Social Services staff also assists in discharge planning when the resident is ready to leave the facility. We provide referrals to appropriate agencies and community services, order necessary equipment and coordinate all related activities to ensure a safe and pleasant discharge. A Caregivers Support Group meets monthly and is available to family and residents. Resident Council is also available and meets monthly allowing residents to voice their opinions, concerns, preferences and compliments to administration and staff.

Social Services’ goal is to make the placement experience a smooth transition for all involved and to provide any needed support during the resident’s stay.


Pastoral Care

We respect the religious beliefs of those we minister to while upholding our philosophy, values and mission regarding this special healthcare ministry based on the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The Pastoral Care department strives to build a strong sense of faith community through sacramental and religious services, visitations and supportive presence. The Pastoral Care team, including a full time Priest chaplain, is available to interact with residents on a daily basis. Daily Mass is provided for residents, families and the public in a beautiful, on-site chapel. For those unable to attend Mass in the chapel, all services can be seen on closed circuit TV channel 21. Holy Communion is distributed to those residents unable to attend Mass. Novenas are scheduled throughout the year for special feast days and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction is held on each First Friday. A monthly service is offered to residents of other faiths. All residents are offered anointing and blessing of the sick each quarter.



IMG_5066  LFM9

Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence Dietary departments ensure the food served is of the highest quality. Our chefs use locally sourced foods within four week seasonal menus to meet every resident’s dietetic needs. Menus are developed and approved by both a registered dietician and the residents. Alternatives to each meal and altered textures are available.

Residents enjoy their meals in the main dining room(s) or smaller dining rooms located on each floor. Breakfast is served between 7:30 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. Lunch is served between 11:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. Dinner is served between 4:30 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. Snacks and refreshments are always available and something special like a sandwich or cup of coffee is a phone call away. If the resident desires a meal they might have had while home, we are happy to put that item on the menu and even use the resident’s own recipe to recreate the dish. Our goal is to provide the best cuisine for our residents.


Activities IMG_0323

The Activities department at Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence offers a wide variety of small and large group activities, one-on-one activities and independent activities to enhance each resident’s quality of life. The small and large groups include physical, mental relaxation and intergenerational activities, creative arts, music pet therapy and outings. Outings are scheduled throughout the year and include shopping, movies, casino, fall foliage tours and trips to the local farmer’s market. In the warmer months many activities and other events are held outside on the patio and gazebo and include gardening, picnics and ice cream socials. Activity calendars are distributed to each resident and are also available on closed circuit TV channel 19.

One-on-one activities are provided to meet each resident’s activity needs and interests. Independent activities such as audio books, large and regular print books, magazines, DVD’s and puzzles are available.



Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence drivers provide a safe and secure transport experience that respects the individual needs of our residents. Our 7 and 9 passenger vans and buses are fully accessible and carry 1 to 2 wheelchairs at a time. All residents and family members are encouraged to communicate any special requirements in advance so arrangements can be made to accommodate individual resident needs.

For Skilled Nursing residents, transportation for medical appointments is provided at no cost to the resident or family. Alternate transportation needs such as ambulance service are arranged for if and when needed. Social transportation arrangements can be made at a small cost and are subject to driver and vehicle availability.

Personal Care residents’ appointments and transportation needs may require advance scheduling.


Barber and  Beauty Services

For our residents’ convenience, barbers and beauticians offer on site services on a regular schedule for a fee. The Beauty and Barber shop is located on the garden terrace level of the facility.


Dental Care

We provide a range of services to meet both routine and emergency dental care. The facility retains an available dentist in an advisory capacity. Appointments and transportation to outside dental service can be made.


Optometry Care

For those residents unable to visit outpatient optometry centers, we provide on-site optometrist visits.


Other Services

In addition to those services provided directly through Little Flower Manor and St. Therese Residence, other additional services are provided through independent professionals including podiatry, audiology, laboratory services, and diagnostic radiology and ultrasound.


Plan of Care

We take pleasure and satisfaction in developing a plan of care that meets each resident’s needs and goals. Essential information is gathered upon, or shortly after admission and professionally trained staff, physicians and family members develop an individualized plan of care. Residents and family members are encouraged to participate in this process. Care plans are updated on a regular basis and meetings are held to review current interventions with residents and family members.


Personal Items

We encourage residents to bring personal belongings that may help create a comfortable and home like environment. For resident and staff safety, items must be approved and inventoried on a regular basis. Social Service and Plant Operations are available for any assistance that might be needed.

You may bring your radio, clock and lamp from home. Televisions may also be brought in but there are size limitations, so please check first. Long term care safety regulations prohibit residents from having items like electric blankets, heating pads, space heaters, fans and humidifiers.


Visiting and  Outings

Family and friends are encouraged to visit as frequently as possible. Scheduled visiting hours are posted in the main lobby. If arrangements are needed for special gatherings or celebrations, advance notice is appreciated so that we can make your get together special.

If you bring food items in, please notify the Nursing staff to determine if it is appropriate for the resident. All food carried in must be properly identified and labeled to ensure resident safety.

We strongly encourage family and friends not to visit during times of illness. This decreases any risk of exposure to residents and staff.

When planning a leave for residents, please notify the Social Services and Nursing departments so that all appropriate arrangements can be made.